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There are other web agencies and there is me, Mauro Visintin Digital Economy Expert from Brand Managing to Online Presence, creation and management of Internet Sites, Winning Marketing Campaigns and Digital Transition always with an Exclusive First Class service.

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Online presence, Social Media Marketing, Brand Managing, Digital Disruption and Cyber Security are just some of my consulting services.

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Expert of Web Development Technologies and iot, I create software to bring companies into the digital future 4.0 using the best technologies.

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Marketing Strategies

Specialized in Social Media Marketing, SEO and Brand Management, I develop winning strategies to achieve the set goals and beat the competition.

social media marketing
Create networks to increase sales.

Social Media Marketing deals with bringing marketing from traditional media to modern communication channels such as social media by completely reviewing its best practices to adapt them to the digital world.

One of its main features is to connect and directly involve companies and consumers by creating new connections.

Dealing with Social Media Marketing means much more than publishing posts on our favorite social networks, but it means building an Interactive and Engaging Path for users using the right Social Networks, Technologies and Techniques that are effective in creating successful content that people like and that make them know about our products and our company.

I specialize in market analysis to create Winning Marketing Strategies for your product, Contact me for more information.

brand manager
Manage the brand from A to Z.

Brand Management consists in the application of all Marketing techniques to promote the Brand and increase its perceived value by focusing on the maintenance and consolidation of the Brand Promise.

Unlike Social Media Marketing, Brand Management is a long-term activity that aims to increase the awareness of a brand and the trust in it that will generate a significant increase in sales in the long term but not immediately as Social Media Marketing.

They are therefore two distinct but complementary activities and to obtain the best results it is necessary to apply both of them because by reinforcing each other they mutually increase the effectiveness by generating an optimal result of reaching the pre-established Target.

Contact me to define a Branding Strategy and increase your Authority and Brand Reputation.

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Industry 4.0 and Digital Disruption.

Industry 4.0 recalls the concept of smart factory or creating a production system that fulfills the innovations of this new industrial revolution intended as collaboration between operator, machines and tools, highly computerized connections between customers and suppliers, extreme customization and customer-product interaction.

I make available to my clients all my knowledge of Software Development, Data Analyst and Digital Marketing to analyze the current situation and implement the best strategy for the Digital Transition.

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Coding Marketing e Brand
Automation, Security and Problem Solving.

I deal with both Creating new Software and Revising existing Programs that have Problems or need Maintenance.

The activity of Digital Transformation or the Improvement of Digital Assets necessarily passes through a Programming Phase which is the way to implement anything that has to do with the Digital World.

My training and experience in this field ranges from many specific programming languages for different uses to always offer the best service using consolidated but also avant-garde techniques.

Contact me to find out what I can do for your Digital Development Path.

How to implement it profitably and without risk.

Digital Disruption and Industry 4.0 are just some of the terms that we hear all the time today and that tell us to be fundamental to be competitive in a global and rapidly changing market, but often all these terms generate only a great confusion.

I have an International Training in the Digitization of Businesses and Securing All Company Strategic Assets to Guarantee Innovation and Security, with the entry into force of the GDPR and the exponential increase in Cyber Attacks, it is essential to proceed with Safe and Reliable innovation.

Contact me to find out what I can do for your Digital Development Process.

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Cyber Consulting Marketing e Brand
marketing e brand strategy
The tools to win.

To achieve the goals set in the modern digital world, tools and strategies are needed that are perfectly tailored to the needs of highly qualified people.

In recent years, digital competition has increased a lot and to be able to emerge it is necessary to carefully study an effective and innovative strategy capable of beating the competition.

I specialize in Secure Web Programming, Social Media Marketing and Brand Managing to be able to implement and follow in all aspects the steps necessary to develop products and strategies to achieve the winning goals.

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Cyber Consulting Cyber Service
Mauro Visintin
Cyber Security Specialist
mauro visintin
Cyber Security Specialist

I am Mauro Visintin student at the State University of Milan at the Faculty of Systems and Network Security, I distinguished myself for the realization of important projects in collaboration with the University of Milan regarding web technologies based with particular attention to both the aspect of IT security and usability by users.

My great interest in the world of web programming has pushed me to design and manufacture increasingly advanced, safe and high-performance IT products, integrating them perfectly with the needs of consumers, providing them with functional and easier to use programs, making the needs of companies and consumers converge. in a single high potential product.

I also extended my studies to Digital Marketing and Brand Managing in this new digital era by creating Today products and services of Tomorrow aimed at bringing companies into the New Digital Economy in a Winning way with a Clear Vision of the Future.

To see all my certificates and specializations visit my profile Linkedin.

vision & mission

"They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it"

My Vision is innovation looking to the future to create today the tomorrow's products.

My Mission is to create value for my clients by studying with them tailor-made solutions to grow in the digital economy.

Do you want to transform your company into 4.0? Do you want a check up of your Marketing plan or do you want to make the most of the new opportunities offered by the Digital Economy?

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my skills

I am certified by Google in all areas of Marketing and Analytics.


I am certified Semrush Agency and SEO Analyst.


Expert in the creation and management of Social Media Marketing campaigns.


Expert in creating and managing e-mail marketing campaigns.


Brand Manager with international training.


Expert in SEO techniques to improve Ranking and Web Reputation.


I create programs and websites for any need.


All my products are extremely performing and optimized to obtain the best positioning on the market.


Studying and dealing with Cyber Security all my products are designed with particular attention to Security.

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